I'm conflicted about Valentine's Day.  Is it a horrible, commercial, pointless non-celebration that forces people to make soulless declarations? Or...is it a reminder each year to tell your loved ones that they are loved, buy a gift that makes them feel valued and generally celebrate the wonderful people in your life?  As a natural romantic, married to a natural unromantic, I tend towards the latter!  

Whichever way you feel, surely, SURELY, no one is ever going to be disappointed with a great, thoughtful present?!  The difficulty is finding one at short notice (it can't just be me who is surprised by Valentine's Day every year?! I've only just got round to taking the Christmas decorations down, for goodness' sake!).  Well, I am here to tell you that you have a magic, fairy godmother (me), who has just MASSIVELY discounted photoshoots, for a very limited time, so you can make your best beloved very happy!  Hurrah!

Head on over to my Competitions and Special Offers page to see all the details and book your photoshoot!  Go on, admit it, you're secretly looking forward to Valentine's Day now.  Amiright?!