In common with a lot of other photographers, I am vastly more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. So much so, that it's taken me over half a decade to get some professional headshots taken! Fortunately for me, my wonderful friend, Faith Mason, is not only a creative, beautiful individual, but also an insanely talented photographer!


Even with Faith's gentle guidance, I felt pretty self-conscious and took a bit of warming up! A cup of tea as a prop was a good start. I spend most of my time with a cup of tea in hand. But you can see that I started to feel more comfortable and relaxed when....ummm....well, when I was back behind the camera 🙄.

It was a good insight into how some of my more nervous clients might feel when they turn up to have their photos taken. And a good reminder that it's worth working hard to help my clients feel relaxed and at ease by the end of their photoshoot! Despite my reservations and how awkward I felt, I actually really love the photos! Thanks, Faith!

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