I'm sitting here in the sunshine, trying to remember what it felt like a few weeks ago when I photographed Debbie, David and Aoibhínn. It was actually snowing on the day and little Aoibhínn was a total trouper, considering we dragged her outside into minus temperatures when she could have stayed warm and snug in her home! Although, she did get to showcase her unbelievably stylish red, fur-trimmed coat, so you win some you lose some, eh?!

Aoibhínn, like all self-respecting one-year-olds, was keeping her smiles to a minimum for the crazy lady with the camera! But, with a bit of silliness from her mum and dad, we managed to capture her gorgeous grin.

It was a relief to be back inside in the warmth! I love this photo (below) of Aoibhínn and Debbie's matching eyes. Such a striking and unusual colour and there's no denying the mother-daughter resemblance!

Back inside, I concentrated on some portraits of Aoibhínn and let her take a lead on which activities she wanted to do. A love of music and dancing seems to be something of a family trait and she's definitely inherited a sense of rhythm! She was playing the rainbow xylophone like a pro and bobbing happily to her mum and dad's singing!

Children have a way of looking at you in a completely searching and unguarded way and I love getting a shot that captures exactly that. Big eyes, button nose and squidgeable round cheeks...sooo cute!

Aoibhínn had just started taking her first steps and, with a bit of persuading, did some practising for the camera.  By this time, she had got used to being photographed, and got positively giggly! 


It was an absolute pleasure to meet this lovely family.  What a difference a few weeks makes - not only is the weather about 30 degrees warmer, but I bet Aoibhínn is running rings around her parents by now! Thanks for having me, Debbie and David!