"Rosie took wonderful natural family pictures, she was great at making our daughter relax and open up. We have already recommended her to our friends!"

Debbie and David (parents of Aoibhínn)


"Rosie immediately engaged with our children who had lots of fun and enjoyed interacting with her throughout the shoot. The photographs are beautiful, really capturing their different personalities in their expressions and how they play and relate to each other. We look forward to using Rosie again and will be recommending her to all our friends!"

Anna (mother of Olivia, Henry, Rory and Darcey)


"We are so thrilled with Rosie’s photographs. Before she came, we doubted that any photographer, however talented, would succeed in winning over our feisty girls in a matter of minutes AND get them all smiling and playing happily while being snapped. Rosie was absolutely fantastic at putting them at ease and making them giggle, which of course then made it so much easier for my husband and me to relax! Thank you so much, Rosie, for capturing special moments of family life on camera and giving us such beautiful pictures."

Heather (mother of Ellie, Florence and Hattie)


"Thank you so much for the photos - everyone loves them!  I love the ones of my kids - you've captured all three brilliantly - somehow their three different personalities seem to come out of the different photos.  You are v talented!!"

Emily, granddaughter of John and Judy (celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary!)

"I would like to add my thanks to Emily's - the photos are really great and we love them.  Not only have you captured the kids so well but the adults too - they just make me smile to see how their personalities come through too.  Not only have you produced really excellent photos but you did so with humour and fun and it was a real pleasure to have you with us for that Saturday morning."

Sarah, daughter of John and Judy


"Rosie was very clear about what the shoot would entail.  I liked the way she tried to get to know us and used that to portray photos which were a true picture of us all.  I genuinely thought the shoot went brilliantly and the photos are stunning!  So many smiley ones of Alfie, which I know is the tricky bit!" 

Alice, mother of Alfie (8 months)


"Rosie was friendly and comfortable in my home, therefore making me comfortable.  I would recommend Rosie Wedderburn Photography to a friend."

Athena, mother of Julia-Marie (3 months)


"Thank you for all your hard work.  There are so many beautiful photos.  I love the way my memories of Finsbury Park are portrayed.  You definitely captured what I wanted.  And the one of Rose peeking round the lamppost is so sweet!"

Anna, mother of Rose (2 years) and Joshua (just born!)


Not only were Rosie’s photographs fantastic at capturing the mood of the day, she also produced some really beautiful pictures without being stuffy at all. She was great to have around while we were getting ready and was so brilliant at fitting in during what can sometimes be quite a stressful time! Her pictures were absolutely stunning, and what was great about them was how they really told the story of the morning, looking back through them reminded us of all the funny little conversations we were having and the hilarious things that people said. I cannot recommend her enough – both personally as a calming, unobtrusive presence, but also for her truly fantastic photography style and skill. From my parents, bridesmaids, husband and me – THANK YOU Rosie for everything – the photographs were everything we were hoping for and more, and we can’t stop smiling each time we look through them!

Megan (just married, to Rhys!)


"We absolutely loved the photos you took of Layth!  Thank you so much!"

Taz, mother of Layth (3 months)

"Rosie's relaxed style made the shoot great fun for everyone involved.  I love all the photos, especially the close ups of Darcey.  But I was surprised that I also love the photos of David and I with her on the sofa and I normally hate all photos with me in so thank you!! It is so nice to have some photos with us in too that I can frame."

Stephanie, mother of Darcey (newborn)

"Rosie was patient, had such creative ideas and made the shoot so fun.  She took lots of natural photos that weren't overly posed. I have already recommended her to friends!"

Helena, mother of Henry (newborn)

"We all had a great time together with Rosie and also as a family.  Rosie has a unique way of making you feel comfortable during the shoot, as if she has all the time in the world to get the shoot right for you."

Alexa, mother of Lucia (3 years), Rafi (1 year) and Axel (just born!)

"Rosie took photos without any intrusion on the moment and just let us have a great time while she captured everything.  I actually forgot Rosie was there (so did my husband) which was exactly what we wanted because everyone focused on having a good time and not posing for the camera.  The photos really do show how much fun the families were having.  We loved it Rosie, you're such a lovely person and you let us be ourselves and seamlessly melted into the background catching these fantastic photos!"

Jesse (just married, to Matt!)


"Rosie was so good at making my children comfortable and they both loved the experience.  I also love the pictures.  I think Thea would like a photoshoot every week!"

Emily, mother of Thea (4 years) and Josiah (1 year)

"I was really looking forward to the photoshoot as I am never in photos with Clemmie (guessing that is quite standard for new mums!).  Rosie just went with the flow and let us do our everyday cuddles and playing - made for some gorgeous and natural photos.  She was brilliant.  I like the fact that it was relaxed and there was enough direction that worked with our baby too.  Rosie captured Clemmie's essence in the photos, which makes them very special."

Sarah, mother of Clemmie (6 months)


"We had the most incredible time during the photoshoot.  Rosie was fantastic at getting everyone excited and capturing the children's attention in a way that made them forget they were being photographed.  There is the most beautiful light in the photos and each image appears natural and full of energy!  I couldn't be more pleased with the result!"

Danielle (mother of Asher, 4 years, Anahera, 2 years and Avery, 5 months)


"The photoshoot was just like playing in the park with friends and family.  Rosie engaged our daughters and made it fun and easy.  We had a great couple of hours as a family and I was EXTREMELY pleased with the photos.  I liked every shot!"

Jojo (mother of Izzy, 2 and Lily, 5 months)


"Rosie put us at ease with her good humour!  We'd done a studio shoot last year and it had been a frenetic, frenzied and yet rather clinical event.  Our time with Rosie was the polar opposite in that it felt very natural, unhurried and gentle.  We were thrilled with the final photos and our biggest problem was choosing a favourite!"

Laura and Dave, parents of Elliot (18 months)


"Rosie was professional, friendly, didn't need lots of direction, blended in and was good with the kids.  I would definitely recommend Rosie!"

Sarah (mother of Charlie, who was being christened!)


"An amazing family album.  Creative, imaginative, professional photos to say the least...life-long memories for all of us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Allen, guest at 85th birthday party

"It was really fun acting and posing for the pictures.  Rosie thought of lots of ideas for us and it was just fun doing things we don't normally do, or things we do normally do but for a purpose.  We wish Rosie could have stayed at our house longer!"

Max (12 years) and Bella (9 years)


"Rosie is extremely professional, fun and flexible!  A great combination when we had our photography session, as she was great at keeping Aya engaged in order to get some amazing shots of her and us.  She was great on her feet and working in a space she wasn't so familiar with.  I highly recommend her for any kind of family photography session."

Ruth, mum of Aya (1 year)


"We really enjoyed having Rosie at the party taking photos of all the babies!  She got some real crackers. She was great at spotting opportunities and interactions between the children during the afternoon.  There are some lovely atmospheric shots of Rose's party and beautiful memories captured.  My friends want copies of the photos of their children!  We would definitely use Rosie again for a photoshoot!"

Anna, mum of Rose (1 year)


"Life has been so hectic since becoming a mum and I realised that I hadn't got any photos of just me and the boys.  I loved the photos Rosie took and will definitely be getting her back to take more when they're bigger!"

Georgie, mum of twins Leo and Harry (6 weeks)


"Romola and I had such a fun time at the photoshoot and Rosie managed to capture Rom's playful character and the way she laughs in a really natural way."

Sophie, mother of Romola (18 months)


"I liked the way that Rosie was flexible, easygoing, practical, creative, had some ideas of her own but was also happy to watch and come up with new ideas."

Jen,  mother of Jesse (5 months)


"Rosie is great with kids, is very flexible and creates a friendly atmosphere."

Sophie,   mother of Ava (3) and Freya (13 months)


"We really enjoyed our photo shoot, I was a little nervous before hand but Rosie made us all feel very much at ease. She was also great with our 18 month old daughter and we now have some wonderful family photos."

Phil, father of Emilia (18 months)


"It was Cat's idea to get the photos taken and I wasn't sure about it, but I'm really pleased we did.  It was a fun thing to do as a family and we're really pleased with the results."

Chris, father of Annabel (7  months)